Cerec Technology Can Benefit Your Smile

Life is too fast these days. You wake up early, start getting for the work and end up late at night. What next you do regardless of sleep. You have no time for anything else in your routine. Sometimes you are too occupied that it seems impossible to finish the targets and the 4 hours seems like short time.

Baffled, with the days and nights, you have work then household chores, groceries, cleaning, washing utensils, and washing clothes. What a busy life we all have these days. Sometimes you wonder you don’t have time to even think for your own self. Meanwhile if you have a pain in the tooth, you don’t have time for the checkup. If you certainly take our time for the checkup you don’t have time for the long hours or even days for the treatment.

If your doctor says that you need a dental crown, OMG!! Freaking out situation, you don’t have time for it.

Is there any dentist or treatment that fixes your teeth without consuming most of your time?

There is a treatment the dental researchers have found out and that is Cerec Technology. Let’s discover what this technology is?

Cerec Technology and how it works

You can say it is a dental treatment that is thoroughly a time saver. Cerec technology is really an advance dental treatment that does not take too much time like other dental treatments. It is the Ceremic Reconstruction, a process that can fix your tooth in only one visit. The Cerec Technology works through 3-D photography and cam that helps taking the exact picture of the tooth for restoration, developed by Sirona.

Cerec Technology and its working

When you visit the clinic for Cerec treatment, the dentist examines your teeth, remove the old fillings and check your cavity level. Then they will take the 3-D picture of your tooth with the size and dimensions for the treatment. Remember the dentists used to take the impression of your teeth on the pink stuff, sometimes it felt to vomit out. But you are not going to face that misery any more.

The crown technique needs a lot of measurement and takes a lot of time where in Crec Treatment, once the 3-D picture is done; it’s done and ready for the treatment.

The Cerec Treatment provides restoration of your teeth that last longer and retain the health of the tooth. This is a durable process that less time consuming and stronger for a healthy life style.

The restoration process

When the customized 3-D picture has been taken it is sent to the milling machine through the wireless channel in order to save the time. The machine will carve the ceramic restoration almost to the match to your tooth color and shape of your tooth that needs to be restored. The process is opened to be watched by you. If you want you can see how the process works. Meanwhile the restoration is ready the dentist will examine the ceramic mold that is similar to your tooth fitting in order to avoid pains and infections.

Soon after full examination the dentist will start fixing with few tweaks that are needed, so to permanently bond the restoration to the damaged tooth. The digital pictures have also been taken during the process so you can see the difference between the tooth before and after the treatment.

Time saver

Your whole treatment just needs one visit. You don’t have to visit the dentist again and again for the X-Rays, then the collection of reports and then the lengthy treatment days. You must try Cerec Treatment for your teeth if you feel your teeth have some cavity or pain while having cold or hot.


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